How it works

Let's light up the world, one drop of water at a time

Reducing our ecological footprint

At Sun Water Fire, our cutting-edge technology revolutionizes the way we harness solar energy and treat wastewater. By combining solar concentration, water purification and energy conversion processes, we empower homes to achieve energy and water self-sufficiency while decreasing environmental footprint. 

We are committed to reducing our environmental footprint not only through our innovative technology but also in how we produce and repair our systems. We prioritize local manufacturing and repair, sourcing materials locally whenever possible. For high-tech components, we utilize 3D printing technology, enabling on-site production without the need for extensive technical skills. By embracing local production and 3D printing, we minimize transportation emissions and empower communities to take control of their energy and water needs. 

Our Innovative Technology

At Sun Water Fire, we have pioneered a groundbreaking technology that revolutionizes how we harness renewable energy and manage water resources. Our integrated system consists of three interconnected machines designed to provide homes with clean drinking water and sustainable electricity, all powered by the sun. 

1. Solar Concentration and Water Purification: The first machine in our system harnesses the power of solar concentration to purify wastewater. By utilizing advanced purification techniques, we ensure that even the most contaminated water is transformed into a valuable resource.

2. Hydrogen Production: Once the water is purified, it is utilized by the second machine to produce hydrogen using solar energy. This process not only generates clean fuel but also acts as a storage mechanism for renewable energy, enabling homes to power themselves even when the sun isn't shining.

3. Electricity Generation: Finally, the third machine in our system utilizes the hydrogen produced to generate electricity. This clean and sustainable energy source can power homes and communities, providing a reliable alternative to traditional fossil fuel-based power sources.

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