At Sun Water Fire, we believe in the power of collaboration to drive innovation and create positive change. Our partners play a crucial role in helping us achieve our mission of providing sustainable solutions for homes worldwide. Through strategic alliances with leading corporations, academic institutions, non-profit organizations, and government agencies, we are able to leverage their expertise, resources, and networks to amplify our impact and reach. 

Academic Collaborations

Our partnerships with universities and research institutions allow us to stay at the forefront of scientific innovation and technological development. By working closely with academic experts and thought leaders, we can leverage their knowledge and insights to inform our research and development efforts. We have developed a collaboration with the École Supérieure Polytechnique de Dakar (ESP) and the Institut Sénégalais de Recherches Agricoles (ISRA).

Non-Profit Alliances

We partner with non-profit organizations such as GET With International Association that share our commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. Together, we work on community-based projects, capacity-building initiatives, and advocacy campaigns to address pressing environmental and social challenges. 

Government Cooperation

We seek collaborations with government agencies such as International Technology Center( U.S. Army DEVCOM) at the local, national, and international levels to align our efforts with policy objectives and regulatory frameworks. By engaging with policymakers and stakeholders, we can ensure that our solutions are aligned with broader development goals and contribute to the achievement of global targets, such as the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Corporate Partnerships

We are seeking collaborations with major corporations in the energy, water, and technology sectors to develop cutting-edge solutions and bring them to market. Partnerships with Seneo, Total Energies or GDF would enable us to access advanced technologies, scale our operations, and expand our reach to new markets.

If you share our vision and are interested in exploring partnership opportunities with Sun Water Fire, we invite you to get in touch. Together, we can harness the power of innovation and collaboration to create a more sustainable future for all.

Our main partner : GET WITH International

Learn about the initiatives and partnerships of GET WITH International, our dedicated NGO partner. Explore how we are working together to promote access to water and energy for all, while driving social and environmental impact in communities around the world. Join us in our mission to create a more sustainable and equitable future.

At GET WITH International, they are committed to fostering global collaboration and innovation to address some of the most pressing challenges facing our world today. Through their diverse network of partners and supporters, they strive to create positive change and drive sustainable development worldwide.

Their Mission

Their mission is simple yet powerful: to promote technology transfer, knowledge sharing, and capacity building in order to accelerate progress towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). By facilitating partnerships between developed and developing countries, they aim to bridge the gap and ensure that everyone has access to the tools and resources needed to thrive.

Their Approach

GET WITH International takes a collaborative approach to international development, working closely with governments, NGOs, academic institutions, and businesses to identify innovative solutions and best practices. Through their programs and initiatives, they seek to empower communities, build resilience, and promote inclusive growth for all.

Join them in their mission to build a better world for future generations. Whether you're a government agency, a non-profit organization, a corporate partner, or an individual looking to make a difference, GET WITH International (GWI) welcomes you to join their network and be part of the solution.

Together, they can work towards a more equitable, sustainable, and prosperous future for all.