At Sun Water Power, we believe everyone deserves access to clean energy and water. Our residential solutions empower homeowners to become self-sufficient, reducing reliance on traditional utilities and minimizing environmental impact. Whether you live in a rural area or an urban center, our innovative technology can transform your home into a sustainable oasis.

Residential Solutions for Energy and Water Autonomy

Are you ready to take control of your energy and water needs? At Sun Water Fire, we offer innovative residential solutions designed to empower homeowners to achieve energy and water autonomy. Whether you're looking to reduce your environmental footprint, lower your utility bills, or simply gain independence from traditional energy sources, our technology has you covered.

Explore our certified Solutions

For those seeking certified and industry-standard solutions, Sun Water Fire will provide access to certified versions of our technology. These versions will undergo rigorous testing and certification processes, ensuring compliance with safety and regulatory standards. If you are interested in acquiring a certified version, our team will guide you to the nearest manufacturer or installer in your area. We will help you find a solution that meets your specific needs and preferences, putting you on the path to energy and water self-sufficiency. 

Build Your Own with our Low-Tech Option

Alternatively, if you are inclined towards a more hands-on approach or looking for a cost-effective solution, our low-tech option might be perfect for you. Sun Water Fire empowers homeowners to construct their own devices with our comprehensive support system. Through our upcoming application, you will be able to locate nearby artisans skilled in low-tech fabrication or access training sessions to build the device yourself. Our goal is to make the process accessible and straightforward, so you can enjoy the benefits of clean energy and water without breaking the bank.

Engage with our Community and Drive Innovation

Join our community of homeowners committed to sustainability and innovation. Our application will serve as a hub for information sharing, technical support, and collaboration among users. Participate in forums, share your experiences, and contribute to the ongoing improvement of our technology. If you have innovative ideas for enhancing the device's functionality or efficiency, our team will evaluate them for safety, regulatory compliance, and feasibility. If approved, we'll offer you the opportunity to patent your invention and receive compensation for your contribution to our collective progress.

Take the First Step Towards Self-Sufficiency

Whether you are ready to invest in a certified solution or prefer the DIY approach with our low-tech option, Sun Water Fire is here to support you every step of the way. Take control of your energy and water future today. Contact us to learn more about our residential solutions and start your journey towards self-sufficiency.

Tailored Solutions for Every Community 

We firmly believe that a holistic approach is essential to meet the unique needs of each community. That's why we offer two versions of our innovative technology, tailored to different contexts: the Low Tech version, crafted by hand, and the High Tech version, industrially produced. This approach allows for optimal customization of the solution based on available resources, while ensuring reliable and sustainable performance. In partnership with the GET WITH International Association, we are committed to promoting equitable access to this technology by fostering local adaptation and opening up new financing opportunities for isolated communities.